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See the World Again with Something out of the Ordinary from Nordvest UK.

Nordvestvinduet AS was founded in Norway in 1957 by the grandfather of the current management. It began as a traditional wood factory that produced all kinds of wood products but soon found the expertise was better suited to windows and related products. The company has always been innovative with both new production methods and products. Among the first to use computers and cnc-machines, today it is one of the most modern window factories in Europe in terms of product, production methods and management systems.

Nordvest UK is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nordvestvinduet AS and our vision is for you to "See The World Again", an elaborate vision – we know. But we believe we are able to see and open opportunities where other suppliers might see limitations. We acknowledge that by saying yes to some solutions we are more attractive, but then we also face challenges in the design, production and logistic solutions that must be solved. Nordvest is a wonderful mix of creative, resourceful, knowledgeable and structured people who together handle and love challenges. By focusing on this, we think we can open a few eyes – or windows and doors – offer you Something Out of the Ordinary and let you See The World Again.

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Mar 2021

Scottish Self-Build and Renovation (North-East) 2021
10:30 AM - 04:00 PM
South Deeside Road, Blairs, Aberdeen AB12 5YP
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4 Friarton House, Friarton Road, Perth PH2 8BB

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