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Wednesday, 11 December 2019 19:27

Black Isle Renewables installs solar photovoltaic panels

Black Isle Renewables Black Isle Renewables

Anne Marie’s family home in Fortrose is not far from our office!  We were happy to give her the best advice we could about what was suitable for her home.

“We were very happy when Black Isles Renewables installed a PV system for us in November 2011. There are two adults and three young children in our household.  We decided to go with them after receiving a number of quotes from other companies; they were all significantly higher and some of the sellers could not answer relevant questions sufficiently to make us feel confident in their delivery. They gave us the big sell and we felt that PV panels were their latest thing rather than a passion. Black Isle Renewables had a more “take it or leave it” approach. We also knew that they had energy saving as a whole on their radar and we felt confident they had the customer’s best interests at heart. If there were any questions Black Isle Renewables couldn’t answer, they didn’t make it up!  They did some research and got back to us.”
We’re pleased to report that Anne Marie is making savings, and that the suggestions we made were useful:

“When BIR came to quote, they gave us a realistic pay back time as opposed to pie in the sky figures. They reckoned we should make 3400 kw from our PV system by the end of November 2012. The meter is reading 3135 k (02/10) so we are bang on track. They also recommended trimming back a few trees to make the system more efficient by eliminating shading. Nobody else suggested this. Black Isle Renewables also didn’t appear in a suit and expensive car – which made us feel the money we were giving them was being spent correctly! We were given a quote and not hassled on the phone to make a quick decision.”
Anne Marie talked to one of our past customers:

“I contacted someone I know who had work done by Black Isle Renewables and they highly recommended the company, who had put in a ground source pump heating system for them. This is substantially more complex that installing PV panels. Also because Black Isle Renewables are extremely local (we know where they live and which schools their kids go to!) we felt the company couldn’t get away with being incompetent. Word travels fast in the Highlands! This is something I know Black Isle Renewables themselves are well aware of. Many of our other PV quotes were from down south.”
The install happened at a critical time for renewables technology:

“We just got on board for the higher pay back rate as the UK government altered the tariff in December 2012. This was entirely due to Black Isle Renewables who understood our anxiety and installed our system quickly. There was then a problem with the invertor – there were none to be had as they were being snapped up all over the country as people tried to beat Westminster with regards to the decrease in tariff. BIS told us straight that due to this rush, they couldn’t install their first choice of invertor. There were two options they said – either a total refund or they would get another invertor imported from Italy. We went with the Italian piece of kit which has performed well so far.”

 We were happy to provide aftercare:

“We are still in contact with Black Isle Renewables as we are thinking of using them again to install an Air Source Pump. They have also recommended insulation measures for our home which we are currently doing ourselves – so no cash in that one for them! We have no hesitation highly recommending this company.”

Thank you so much for your kind words Anne Marie!  

If you’d like to talk to us about what the best way forward for you might be, give us a call on 01349 877 029, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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