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Etiom is the North-east's largest owner operator of public facing events. Founded in 2016 by Gavin Esslemont, one of the directors behind the award-winning Scottish Home Show, Trades Awards, Scottish Kids Show and Topsides UK, it has grown to establish multiple annual events throughout the North-east of Scotland.

We are based in Aberdeen and own / operate a diverse range of public facing events, honing our team's collective experience to create something unique for the North-East of Scotland.

What makes our events special is the fact that they are owned and managed by our team who have a particular passion and expertise in each of the themes. This is important because it means that we understand how to tailor an event to meet the needs of every stakeholder, whether it be a sponsor, an exhibitor or knowledge-hungry enthusiasts!

And events isn't all that we do. We continue to support our clients with their online media requirements, such as websites and social media channels, and we provide general business support services, such as setting up CRM systems and e-mail accounts!

To find out more about Etiom, or to talk to one of our team, get in touch!

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Sep 2020

Scottish Self-Build and Renovation 2020 (North-East)
10:30 AM - 04:00 PM
South Deeside Road, Blairs, Aberdeen AB12 5YP
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The Lea Rig Bogton, Drumoak AB31 5AL

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