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George Clarke explains Ecodan air source heat...


Affordable Model Kit Home in Rural Scotland - Build It

When they discovered an affordable model for bespoke rural Scottish houses, Dawn and Torq Allen knew they'd finally found a way to achieve their dream…


Taking a standard kit house and making it bespoke has resulted in an energy-efficient home in Elgin

This low-energy self-build project created a well-designed home that ticks all the boxes for its owners

Scotframe Sales Director Malcolm Thomson shares his views on how "fabric first methodology can create virtually zero carbon emissions"... Show more

Homebuilders should unite for 'fabric first' future - Malcolm Thomson

It was Barack Obama who pointed out that the challenges of the 21st century could not be met without collective action, and few would argue…

Nordvest UK

www.nordvestvinduet.no | Produced by Frequency.no

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A Handcrafted Home for just £100,000

Robin Cochrane chose a tricky plot on restricted piece of land on the banks of a river in the Scottish Highlands to build his budget home

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Self Build: All You Need to Know About Building a Bespoke Home

Choosing to self build is a great way to create a home that is exactly tailored to your needs and preferences and can often enable…

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We popped in past Riverside Kitchens last week to find out what their plans are for Scottish Self-Build and Renovation 2020 (Highlands) next month... Show more

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